Friday, November 4, 2016

Tasty Tradgedies: Betty Crocker's Classic Cheese Souffle

One of the fun things about trying to post every day is that I am inspired to try some new recipes.  They're always good fodder for posts.

I filled a gap in this week's dinner menu with something new for us:  Betty Crocker's Cheese Souffle.

The recipe seemed simple enough.  I had problems, though.

The egg white never got stiff peaks, though I beat them (beated?) mercilessly.  They just kind of were all smooth and mellow.

The egg yolks when beaten were to be "very thick and lemon colored".   I didn't see anything like that either.  Pancake batter consistency was sort of the way it looked, and not lemon yellow.

The "dividing with two forks" thing didn't work out either.  I honestly don't know why they'd think forks were a useful cutting tool.

The souffle didn't rise much, which I expected because of the eggs and their lack of enthusiasm for the project.

For the finisher, it tasted sort of blah, like a scrambled egg with no flavor.  A lot of work for not so much, is my opinion. 

Here is how it should look (but as mom would say, it will still "taste like your foot's asleep")

The tragic souffle reality.

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