Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Christmas Cards

It's time to start making those charming handcrafted cards that everyone loves, loves LOVES to get in the mail.

Nobody could have more fun things to use on their cards than I do, because I have an eye for Christmas magic and all things ho ho ho.

This year I'm using cream colored cards rather than the usual red and green, simply because I ran out of them and haven't seen any others.  I also think a lighter background might show off some of my rubber stamps and sparkly things just a bit more.   Speak of magic, Michaels had some really cool foil accented cards they mean to be used as picture frames.  I think they will also frame some of my clipart and other little scenes I can create inside the frames.

I found some fun things in the Target Dollar Bins --which are now mostly Three Dollar Bins--but the price is still pretty nice.

Target has been offering all sorts of decorated clothespins, tapping into some deep well of clothespin love I didn't even know I had.  I can't resist any of them.  

The paper stripes in the package are supposed to be used to make paper chains.  Ha ha ha!  You might be able to get a couple of chains out of a pack.  These are much better for card making or scrapbooking. 

The little wooden Christmas trees, so cute.  Nice in and of themselves, but a fiend could also decorate the teeny things.  I bought a glue gun this fall that I haven't used yet but attaching wood to paper seems like a good job for it, right?  Or are we talking three alarm fire?  Oops.

Ah, really nice packs of green and red paper from Michaels, and an adorable little Christmas paper pad from Martha Stewart.

Happiness is...Christmas Crafts :)

Your card is in the mail, or will be soon....

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