Friday, November 3, 2017

Five TV Podcasts To Try

I hoped to find some nice general TV podcasts.  Most are recaps or discussions of particular television shows.

 Sites that I thought would be naturals were TV Guide (nothing)  EW's What to Watch (not updated since February 2017.)  EW does have a combination Movie and TV podcast  EW Morning Live   but the mix of film and tv isn't what I hoped for.

Here are some that please the TV Hound in me:

Tim Goodman's TV Talk Machine

Tim is the chief television critic for the Hollywood Reporter.  It has news, rankings, thoughts on various shows and the industry itself.

The TVLine Podcast

Hosted by the ever interesting Michael Ausiello, TVLine is news, commentary and my favorite, guesses at which shows will succeed or fail this season.

Appointment Television

Discussion of shows old and new, this covers a wide range of shows and genres.

TV Avalanche by Uproxx

From Uproxx's Alan Sepinwall and Brian Grubb, TV talk about their favorite shows and some they watched but didn't care for.


Recaps and analysis of mostly genre tv shows from the folk at the Incomparable.

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