Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ten Best Tuesday: The Best Annuals In My Garden This Year

These are the top ten annuals from my garden this year.  Low maintenance (no deadheading required for continuous bloom, many were new to me and pleasant surprises.  

Ageratum Cloud Nine Pink

I always have Blue Ageratums, but Pink! always appeals.  Pink Cloud went well with every plant I paired it with, and it was in several containers.

Begonia Beauvilia Lemon

I've never seen a sweet soft yellow begonia like this before.  It just bloomed and bloomed.


I love caladiums.  Though they're a natural for shade, this and a white variety really did nicely in southern pots.

Castor Bean

I've read about these and grabbed it when I saw it this spring.  It took most of the season to gain its full height, but those big spectacular leaves even stood up to a couple of frosts before toppling.

Celosia Kimono Mix

I've always loved Celosias, even the ones that look to me like "brains".  This color combination is such a pretty, happy little mix.

Cosmos Sea Shells Mix

I've never grown the seashells mix before, it is so pretty.  They get very tall and the bees loved them.

Lantana Lavender

I love lantanas and pick some out each year.  I've been unsuccessful in overwintering them.  I wish they'd cooperate.  I hadn't seen such a nice pink shade before, and hope I can find it again in spring.

Rex Begonia Red Splash

This was beautiful all season and stayed alive and lush as the last potted plant standing while we were on vacation.  It is happily in my dining room for the winter.

Tuberous Begonia Non Stop White

I think next spring I'll try to get one of each color of tuberous begonias I see offered.  They're just lush.

Verbena Tuscany Peach

The first peach colored verbena I've ever seen, it was perfect in a terra cotta pot.

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