Wednesday, November 1, 2017

DOA's November Blog Challenge! En Garde!

Happy November 1st!   I've decided to break free of non-existent NaBloPoMo and create the first annual DOA November Blog Challenge.

30 Posts in 30 days.

Try for a daily post, but getting 30 in will be fine.  We don't want you getting bummed for missing a day, we're just thinking flex those fingers and write.

I've created a logo for the Challenge with the free logo maker at

Ta Da!

Adorable, right?

I created a calendar in Publisher to help me make sure I had potential topics for each day of the month.   I looked up memes for blogs and blog topic ideas to help fill in the blanks.  Some ideas have been rattling around for quite awhile.  If this works, I may do more posts this way.   I'm writing as many in advance as I can, then scheduling the post.  Click to enlarge!

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