Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Paddy O'Brien Tune Collection Kickstarter

I love KickStarter.  You are probably familiar with it, but if not, someone puts up a project that they would like help funding.  There are tiers of support for any given project, from $1.00 on up.   I believe you can use Paypal, but mine uses my Amazon account to it is really easy to just click on the level of support you would like.

If the project meets its funding goals by a certain date, the amount you pledged is taken from your account.  If the project does not make its goal by the set date, it is not funded and you do not contribute anything.

It is very exciting to watch the number of supporters and funding numbers go up. Sometimes the goals are funded and surpassed really quickly, sometimes they are all of a sudden funded at the last, sometimes there is a steady rise.

The projects are always creative ones, and I see it as an excellent way to support the Arts, and recognize excellence in a very personal way.

You have the opportunity to fund the Kickstarter for Paddy O'Brien's Tune Collection.   This is the third collection of 500 tunes! from a remarkable "walking encyclopedia of Irish music" as he is called on his page

I love Irish music and cannot imagine how one person keeps so many tunes in his head.  Hearing him play in person is a beautiful experience and I encourage you to see him if you live in our area.

He is very near his Kickstarter goal, and I encourage you to hop over and try out Kickstarter
 by funding this wonderful project.

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