Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pinetree Garden Seeds

Pinetree Garden Seeds and Accessories "The Year Round Resource for Home Gardeners since 1979"

Pinetree Garden Seeds offers seeds in packet sizes that make sense for the small home garden.  There may be anywhere from 20-150 seeds per packet depending (I think) on seed size and typical germination rates.  If you ever feel guilty getting a packet with more seeds than you could plant in a lifetime, this is the place to go.


Vegetable seeds
Mushrooms, sprouts, microgreens, grains
Flower seeds
Garden products (such as seed starting supplies, floating row covers, etc)
Spring bulbs, tubers & plants

The writing style is informative and conversational.  Cultural information for each plant type is presented at the beginning of each section, with additional tips for use in individual descriptions.  Heirloom varieties are clearly indicated.  Each plant has a small picture by its description.

As far as I can see they do not have any of their own introductions, nor do they feature new varieties at the beginning of the catalog as many companies do.   Actually they do have an introductory page which mentions one particular variety, but it is really more of an index.

I love the huge variety of vegetable and herb seeds available.  If you're like me and are in the mood to try a wide variety of new plants this year, start here.  Their catalog comes out nice and early so you can get your order in.  You don't want to wait till January and have all the good stuff be gone, right?

Their catalog is free at www.superseeds.com

Note:  As you can see I found my copy of Onward and Upward in the Garden.   This is nothing like Katherine White's work.   I did get the idea from her, and perhaps someday if I keep going through dreamy garden catalogs, looking at them a bit differently and critically I might get better.  I'm already planning to put my seed list for the year in an Excel Spreadsheet, and it occurred to me tonight it would be fun to pick one variety from each catalog that all carry and compare the description.  High gardener humor, I know.

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