Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bridge Tip: Try the Churchill Convention

You will recall we went to the Churchill Arms Pub in London and met my spouse's online bridge partner.  Inspired by the great bridge play that evening, they have invented a new Bridge Convention called "The Churchill Convention".  

It seems to be evolving as they continue to play online each week, but the basic gameplay rule is now both partners MUST bid in every hand.  In a well played Churchill hand, apparently, both partners get some kind of bid, and a low bid, in early in the hand to satisfy the convention, but not cause them to get trounced.   I hear varying reports from Mr. DOA on how it is working, but it seems to have added a delightful dimension to the play of the hand for them, if not for the sometimes confused opposing team.

In honor of my own fond memory of playing Bridge with Snoopy cards in a London Pub with superb companions, I present the Churchill Convention Founders, suitably commemorated, I think.

Note; Mr. DOA approves of this post but he says the Churchill is a SYSTEM not a CONVENTION.  I have no clue what he is talking about, which is not a surprise since I carry Snoopy playing cards around with me in my purse.

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