Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Person of Interest: The Perfect Mark

A perfect episode!  Finch and Reese featured and joined by Carter, Shaw and Fusco to help solve a real mystery. 

We have a hypnotist who is bilking wealthy clients out of their money by stealing password information while they're under.  This guy is able to turn on the charm and even when he is totally being a eel, you want to like him.

Unfortunately for him, he is stealing money from an antiques dealer who is laundering money for HR.  Also, he has a girl he loves and he won't make his planned escape without her.

Carter, with Lasky's help, is closing in on the head of HR.  The disillusioned rookie gets help from Carter and Finch faking deaths ordered by HR, but it all comes tumbling down in the end, with detective Terney coming upon Lasky and Carter, he shoots Laskey as ordered by Simmons.  Carter shoots him and extracts at the last an indication of who heads HR.  Terney puts a bloody fingerprint on Quinn's picture to show her who he is.

Meanwhile, the hypnotist's sappy girlfriend turns out to have been playing him, as she grabs a four million dollar baseball and walks away with it.

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