Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bury Them Deep: Funeral Potatoes

I've been having fun making up menus for each day of the week, something I've never had time to do consistently in the past.  It is a challenge because both Mr. DOA and I are are picky picky picky.  

One thing I thought would always be an instant win would be any variation on potatoes.  We both love them.

Today's menu was simple: Ham, Cheesy Potatoes and Corn.  I didn't realize till too late in the day the recipe I had for Cheesy Potatoes was meant for a nice 8 hours in the Crock Pot.  I began combing the web for a quicker alternative and came across the term "Funeral Potatoes".   Apparently next time you're being served from a funeral food line, you should keep a sharp eye out for these crowd pleasers.

I looked at a few recipes, checked my ingredients and went for this recipe  from Our Best Bites.

Mine looked just like theirs  (this is theirs, mine is in the trash):

Mr. DOA ate two helpings but he requested that it never appear again.  I liked them somewhat but the sour cream oddly enough seemed overpowering as a flavor in the center of the potatoes.  Onward we go.  I only have one other recipe in this week's plan which Mr. DOA could reject (there were two last week ::sob::), he has had the rest.


  1. Thanks for the warning. I do use cream soups in cooking, probably once every week or two. I also love lots of sour cream. But these actually don't look that good--I mean the recipe. The picture looks good. I think using frozen hash browns sounds like a bad idea. Good luck with the rest of the menus!

  2. I thought the frozen hash browns seemed like an excellent alternative since I don't have one of those clever devices for making tiny sticks of potatoes. I saw another recipe that used chicken broth instead of the Cream of Chicken Soup. I think I will try to master home made Au Gratin potatoes next. I can make thin little slices easily enough.