Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pie Day at DOA Central

If you thought I only aspired to be The Soup Queen you would be wrong.  I also want to be Pie Woman.  I could never make the heavenly pies my mother in law makes, but I'd like to make very good pies.

Today I made pumpkin pie (Libby's recipe).  I can make pumpkin pie no problem.

I'm branching out and my very first Apple Pie is baking as we speak.  I think the preparation went well. I don't mind peeling apples and slicing them thin, but that gnarly apple core, grrr.  I'm pretty sure there are apple coring tools...eek do I have one of those things that cores and slices in a drawer someplace? That would have saved time and minimized the core size.

I'm a lifelong Betty Crocker fan so I used the recipe in the 2011 edition.  I forgot to put the foil ring around the edge to prevent excess browning. :(.    I did put a pan underneath to catch wily juices that will likely escape.

I used the Pillsbury crusts but I haven 't made a pie before with a top crust sooo the whole crimping the edges thing was a bit off.

After I wrote this I was worried and went to look at the pie which I pictured to be a dark dank mess.  But noooo  I opened the door and said "Wow, that's beautiful!"

Pie mania running wild, we had pizza pie for supper.

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