Monday, November 18, 2013

Seed Catalog Reviews

I'm suddenly interested in Heirloom Seeds this year so I have requested catalogs from several new companies.  Since I have numerous days of NaBloPoMo left, I thought I would do some catalog reviews.

If you've been gardening as long as I have and you read garden writers with great pleasure, you may be familiar with Katherine S. White.  She was married to E. B. White but her personal claim to fame was writing about gardens and plants and garden catalogs for the New Yorker. These were compiled into Onward and Upward in the Garden, a lovely book.

I can't match her writing of course, but I have always wanted to review garden catalogs.  They are so distinctly written.  Some have beautiful prose and make such a gorgeous picture in your mind (this in addition to the photographs).   The most wondrously described plants and seeds are for vegetables, I feel, because they make your mouth water with those descriptions.  Sometimes.

I'm looking for:

Good writing

Detailed cultural information

When to harvest

How to use

Botanical names as well as common names

New and unusual cultivars

Specialties of the nursery

Garden tools, seed starting supplies

Advice advice advice.

I think I'll do them as they come in which means I'll start tomorrow with Pinetree Garden Seeds catalog.

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