Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ready, Set, Germinate!

Renee's Garden Seeds has been posting tantalizing pictures from their seed catalog selections for a couple of months now.  I'm at the point all of a sudden where I want to order everything they have.

It really is a bit early in the season to be feeling Seed Lust, but I'm only human and am looking ahead to my first spring and summer EVER since I began gardening in the 80s where I will be able to pamper my seedlings and water and feed my plants as much as I want to, need to.  Incomprehensibly glorious. 

This picture from Burpee Gardens of a three pound!!! "Steakhouse Tomato" just snapped something.

Mine will probably come out the size of a cherry tomato, but, ah, isn't a large portion of the garden a dream of lovely, lovely perfect plants and a tomato the size of your head?  Yes, yes IT IS!

I have catalogs from last year I saved, but I'd like to grow more herbs (and use them fresh).  Several different lettuces, check.  A regular cucumber and one to try pickling.  I have never eaten a turnip, but reading perhaps a few too many food blogs makes me want to try one.  I want to try Kale for the health benefits (though Mr. DOA tried some and said it was awful.  Bitter tasting, perhaps?)  I'd like to try celery once more, that did well for me.  Gourds.  Pumpkins.  More potatoes, those were really excellent in my grow bag.

Pamper my three blueberry bushes.  Grow rhubarb.  Maybe get one of those three tier strawberry planters from Jung's.

Must make a list of seed catalogs I'd like and write for them now so I'm ready to sow my seeds in January.


  1. Kale tastes like I would expect a car tire to taste.

  2. I'm looking through catalogs and they make Kale sound like even more of a cure all than aspirin. Also, they keep using descriptive variations on the word "tasty".
    I'm trying some, dear. I'll look for a variety that says "not rubbery", ok?