Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Homemade Christmas Cards Again This Year, Ho, Ho, Ho!

Last year my creations met with mixed reviews, but far be it from me to be discouraged.  I haven't started them yet, noooo, not with all this time I have these days, noooo.   I like a nice deadline, ya know?  I give myself deadlines all the time to keep myself moving.

So, we have a snowman stamp with three snowmen (clearly a mom, dad and their wee snowball of a son).  I always stamp that on the inside and we all sign our name under the appropriate snowperson. 

Last year I used some incredibly thin paper that my mom had from who knows when, thinking it was nice to pass it on that way. The stamp ink didn't dry very nicely on this paper so there were a few smears when you went to sign your name.  Tsk.  This year I'll just cut cardstock.


I like to have this part pre-made before the cards themselves because our wee snowball lives a hundred miles away.  I can get him to sign in his spot at Thanksgiving then just glue the signed liners in.  that part worked last year.

One thing I learned last year is that those gemlike stickers that are raised up and some other spiky things I loved putting on the cards get ripped by the Post Office in transit.  Bumpy mail is not a good thing.  So in order to feed my glittery inner beastie, I'll hand cards to people as I see them this season, and make sure those I mail are boringly flat.

If you get a boringly flat card from me this year, my apologies.

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