Saturday, November 2, 2013

Grimm: PTZD

No idea what PTZD stands for.  The Scooby gang gets to Nick just as he is trying to rip apart a small family.  They get his attention and he chases them out of the house to a barn where they're able to trap him.  They hit him with Rosalee's meds just as a bunch of patrol cars arrive and get him out of there.

He responds to the medication but remembers nothing.  As it turns out, one of the customers from the previous episode's bar fight dies of his injuries.  The Scoobies (I'll only call them that for this episode) decide to keep this from Nick and they agree on stories for the cops.

Nick is right there at home when Juliette is questioned, and learns that a man died.  This is supposed to be a big trauma but Nick has killed plenty of folks and buried or had Monroe bury their bodies.  He has made his peace with this side show of murder that comes with being a Grimm, so I thought.  Is it different because the man he killed was a human not a wesen?  That hardly seems fair.

Nick is determined to turn himself in and he jeopardizes everyone who is trying to protect him, but at the last moment he does not talks to the cops on the case.

Nick's other lasting effect from his Zombification is, he is sleeping and turns blue with cold and has a very slow heartbeat.  He wakes up and is fine as Juliette is calling 911.  No problems he says.

I'm hoping they move on with things and don't have Nick all angst ridden all season.


Renard's cohorts in Europe killed his half brother the Nick snatcher on his way home from the airport.  Slick.  He even got a congratulatory call from HIS MOMMA thanking him!!!!  It didn't sound like a warm fuzzy mom son relationship from their tones.  She sounded ancient and creepy.  He looked tentative.


She's still pawing and sawing away at the body of the fallen hexenbiest in a quest to get her own powers back.  She gamely sews up the witches body cavity then uses her teeth to cut off the blood clot covered thread.  Gross.  I'm sure there is plenty more to come.



  1. Hmmm, much more serious than I thought! He isn't thinking like himself, he's still under the influence.

  2. That's a pure guess. I've never seen the show. :)