Thursday, March 26, 2009

Read Meme (from Booklist Online via Ning)

Just answer these and put them on your blog or take it to your next book discussion group (the original use for this meme)

1.Which book has been on your shelves the longest?
A tiny book of science fiction short stories with pages falling out I bought at a school book fair.

2.What is your current read, your last read, and the book you’ll read next?
Current: In a Gilded Cage by Rhys Bowen Last read: Hunger games by Suzanne Collins Next: a book from my huge library book pile (they really do all come at once).

3.What book did everyone like and you hated?
The Davinci Code (but I liked the movie)

4.Which book do you keep telling yourself you’ll read, but you probably won’t?
Moby Dick

5.Which book are you saving for “retirement?”
Moby Dick

6.Last page: read it first or wait til the end?
Wait till the end

7. Acknowledgments: waste of ink and paper or interesting aside?
I usually read these, no idea why

8.Which book character would you switch places with?
Dorothy Gale

9.Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life (a person, a place, a time)?
The Year of Magical Thinking/Joan Didion

10.Name a book you acquired in some interesting way.
Acquired "Brighty of the Grand Canyon"/Marguerite Henry by marrying its owner.

11.Have you ever given away a book for a special reason to a special person?
I gave my son "Nate the Great" by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat though he is really named after Nathaniel Hawthorne.

12.Which book has been with you to the most places?
My travel diary. It had a lovely time in San Francisco.

13.Any “required reading” you hated in high school that wasn’t so bad ten years later?
The Scarlet Letter/Nathaniel Hawthorne

14.What is the strangest item you’ve ever found in a book?
I hate it when people use toilet paper as a bookmark.

15.Used or brand new?
Both though brand new is best.

16.Stephen King: Literary genius or opiate of the masses?
Pure genius. Have loved his books since reading Salem's Lot.

17.Have you ever seen a movie you liked better than the book?
I confess The Wizard of Oz movie is superior to the book in my eyes.

18.Conversely, which book should NEVER have been introduced to celluloid?
Stephen King's books are written cinematically and yet they are never translated successfully to film. I have a soft spot for Cujo the film though because they do not let the child die, while the book does.

19.Who is the person whose book advice you’ll always take?

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