Monday, March 9, 2009

A Lush Life

We made it to Muir Woods and unlike our last visit there, I got great pictures that I think show the essence of what it is like. It is only $5.00 to get in and it appears to be a popular Sunday destination for people. There were plenty of parking spaces when we got there around 10a.m. but when we came out around 1:30 people were having to park back up the winding road.

We let N drive a little so he could see what those switchbacks were really like. He just peels out of the lot and we go nuts telling him to slow down. "Im going the speed limit, he says" ack!!! He found Muir Beach for us by heading the wrong way so it was all good. Tons of people on the beach as well.

I bought 3 Day passes for the trolleys and we had a nice visit at the Trolley Museum before hopping back on to Union Square, the end of the line. Walking up the road I spotted a LUSH store, home of our own Floating Lush! I went across to get my photo snapped in front of it.

The Punchline Comedy Club was great. Fifteen comedians, each with 6 minutes each to perform. Apparently this is a regular Sunday Night event.

Connection speed way too slow here, no more photos this morning.

Off to Chinatown (which my husband thinks will be interesting to revisit (we've been there several times in the past) after being in Shanghai, and a catamaran ride around the bay. (will correct later if its some other ship type :)


  1. Woohoo! I have a picture of a LUSH in Tokyo, but I haven't uploaded the "fun" pictures yet. That will happen once I think of pithy remarks to bookend them with.

    Have fun! :)

  2. Sound like a great trip. I hope the weather is good it's raining, sleating and snowing here.

  3. let's have lunch when you get back and hear all about your trip! M