Sunday, March 22, 2009

MalTweeted #3 :When you're new to Twitter, any new follower is a fun surprise

I had my Twitter account for a long time and didn't do much with it. Even so, I've gotten emails over time that so and so was following me on Twitter and since I wrote nothing, what could they be following? Still, it seemed a little flattering and it made me feel guilty wondering what these unknown people were looking for.

In the last week or so, since I've started looking for people of interest to me, I've had a great time myself finding interesting people to follow. I don't mind at all if they seldom update their Tweets, I'd be happy to hear anything at all they have to say. I'm fascinated by the news organizations and their short posts, and by those who can convey thoughts effectively in the 140 characters allowed by Twitter. It is not easy to do.

I made up the name of my Follower here, but it came to me in a flash yesterday morning. I haven't "met" anyone with quite that name, but many people have that sort of name or spirit, that's for sure. I've enjoyed seeing what "screen names" and "character names" people come up with since way back in the early 90s when my husband and I played a Trivial Pursuit competion against other players on the now long defunct Delphi Internet Services. I still have my "U Belong on Delphi" T-shirt.

Thanks for the Follow!

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