Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Odiogo for Your Blog

As part of the More Twenty Three Things on a Stick program, I'm working on Thing 25, which is all about enhancing your blog. The original 23 Things offered a section on Podcasting but I did not do any podcasting myself.

This time around I'm trying all of the parts of each Thing. Hence, the icon at the top right of my blog for Odiogo. Odiogo turns what you have written into spoken words. The voice is computer generated and it reads your blog posts aloud.

Click on Listen Now above any post to hear it.

Using the free Odiogo service would allow someone to put your blog entries on a pc, iPod, MP3 player or Mobile Phone, and listen to them at their leisure. It would also be useful for someone who is visually impaired.

Give it a try for your own blog at:

Funny, when I write my posts I hear my own voice reading it. It may change how I express things to hear it read in a serious tone. We shall see.

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