Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mystery, Suspense and Thriller Authors on Twitter

NOTE: All updates to this list will now appear on my LibrariandoasReadersWiki page:


Although Twitter can be fun and it potentially gives valuable information in easily digestible bits, it is really difficult to find anything by subject. Here are the beginnings of my list of mystery, suspense and thriller authors who use Twitter to keep their fans and friends up to date. I'll be adding to the list as I unearth more authors. Enjoy!

Abbott, Jeff http://twitter.com/JeffAbbott

Albert, Susan Wittig http://twitter.com/susanalbert1

Alexander, Tasha http://twitter.com/talexander

Andrews, Donna http://twitter.com/mordelaire

Bowen, Rhys http://twitter.com/Rhysbowen

Brookins, Carl http://twitter.com/CarlBrookins

Burke, Jan http://twitter.com/Jan_Burke

Chesler, Rick http://twitter.com/RickChesler

Coban, Harlan http://twitter.com/harlancoben

Coyle, Eddie http://twitter.com/DeathrydeAuthor

Crider, Bill http://twitter.com/macavityabc

David, Evelyn http://twitter.com/evelyndavid

Ellison, J. T. http://twitter.com/thrillerchick

Finder, Joe http://twitter.com/JoeFinder

Goldberg, Lee http://twitter.com/LeeGoldberg

Grant, Andrew http://twitter.com/Andrew_Grant

Hellman, Libby http://twitter.com/libbyfh

Hughes, Charlotte http://twitter.com/Charlottehughes

Karp, Marshall http://twitter.com/MarshallKarp (You must request permission to follow Marshall Karp's Tweets)

King, Laurie http://twitter.com/mary_russell

Konrath, J.A. http://twitter.com/jakonrath

Lavene, Jim https://twitter.com/Jimlavene

Lavene, Joyce https://twitter.com/author54

Leonard, Elmore http://twitter.com/elmoreleonard

McGoran, Jon

Meredith, Marilyn http://twitter.com/MarilynMeredith

Palmer, Michael http://twitter.com/Michael_Palmer

Perry, Anne http://twitter.com/anneperrywriter (Tweets are guarded, you'll need permission to follow her posts)

Pinter, Jason http://twitter.com/jasonpinter

Rhoades, J. D. http://twitter.com/JD_Rhoades

Rollins, James http://twitter.com/jamesrollins

Scottoline, Lisa http://twitter.com/LisaScottoline

Sokoloff, Alexandra http://twitter.com/AlexSokoloff

Smith, Roger http://twitter.com/rog_smith

Stabenow, Dana http://twitter.com/danastabenow

Swierczynski, Duane http://twitter.com/swierczy

White, Dave http://twitter.com/Dave_White


  1. Good on ya!
    useful list. How come librarians always seem to know exactly what's needed?

  2. Thanks!

    We keep getting asked all these questions, you see, and we can't always remember the answers or where we found them last time so we write them down someplace. ^-^

    1. Michael Gruber is on Twitter now @mag_gruber, still new but his following seems to be growing.

  3. Thanks for taking the trouble to make up this list. Also http://twitter.com/jodipicoult

  4. I have just written a thriller called Poisoned Mind which will shortly be published as an ebook. My website www.danielborough.com is under construction, and it will contain some of my short stories which cross a number of genres. I'd love for you to take a look at my website. I'll also have a twitteraccount any day now. I've no idea how to get people to read my work. I have started my second project "The Killer" is the working title which will be available as an e-book later in 2012 and I am really excited about so far.