Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Things on a Stick, Thing 26: Ning

I haven't looked at Ning since the last round of 23 Things. Luckily I still had my log in information. I have updated my Profile by putting my enhanced D.O.A. avatar in, and I put in my actual library related experience so you can see how I got this way. It has been a rough road. :)

I also posted a few comments on the forums and hope to sign in somewhat frequently during the Things to keep in touch.

Someone has proposed a Ning Book Discussion group, which seems like a good idea.

Also, in a gently viral manner, a meme that first appeared on Booklist Online for "book people" looks interesting enough so that I will attempt it in a separate post.

The Ning forums are much livlier this time around, kudos to whoever moved them up on the Thing Liste.

Onward to glorious Thing 27, which is my new favorite techie thing: Twitter.

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