Monday, March 23, 2009

So Lost: Namaste

I love these episodes that shed more light on the Dharma Initiative.

I can't see how they recruited people at all, let alone got them to agree to be knocked out for a sub trip, then they get mostly menial jobs on the island, as far as we can see. Yet everyone seems happy. Very cultish behavior.

I hate seeing Sawyer mooning over Kate again, and in Jack's presence he is reverting to bad boy behavior instead of being the leader he obviously has been. Yes, he has effectively "hidden them in plain sight" but he is unraveling, I think.

Creepiest scene in the series, the child Ben lies his way in to Sayid's cell to give him a "sandwich"---sheesh guard, at least check the bag! I can't believe there is a sandwich in there and if there is its probably drugged or poisoned. So we have our Torturer, in a cell, hands bound, and Little Mr. Psycho-I'm Going-to Kill-My-Dad-Soon slinking in and I am afraid for Sayid. Yikes.

Random thoughts from what we've seen so far:

The Undamaged Plane will take off at some point with some of the 815-ers, and I think it will travel through time.

Related to this, the Dharma Initiative "Care Package" that was dropped off in an earlier season will be dropped off by our travellers, most likely at the suggestion of Hurley. :)

I think Daniel is off in 1977 Los Angeles or Oxford working on some Time Travel experiments, but he will come back to get Charlotte off the Island.

I think Christian and the Smoke Monster are manifestations of the same entity, but I'm not sure what entity they represent, unless it is the "soul" of the Island.

I don't want the statue to be John Locke. More likely it is Richard Alpert who is a displaced Egyptian Pharoah or God.

I've been puzzling over why Sun didn't go back in time. My theory is it has to do with Jin's wedding ring, which she has with her. I predict it will act in a future episode as a "constant" that will allow an aircraft in flight in the Dharma time (flown by Lapidos) and the flight 316 craft (flown by...Caesar?) to merge and become one, allowing our 815 folks to return to the present day.

Additional thought: Christian's Shoes, which Ben so nattily suggested Jack place on John's body are a "constant" that kept Locke in the present. Ben brought his own "constant", we don't know what. Maybe the book he was reading on the plane. He couldn't perhaps be in the same time as his young creepy self. Further proof of my theory Ben and Eloise Hawking sent people not just back to the Island but back to specific times for their own purposes.

There ya go.

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