Thursday, September 27, 2012

Survivor Philippines

Russell Swan was my favorite of the episode, keeping cool, just trying to do his best.  Good guy.  His tribe lost out again and sent Roxy home.  She is a seminary student but oopsie seems to have no fellow feelings.  Very sharp and hateful little beaner.

Lisa, the former Facts of Life star (a show I never watched), crumpled and had one of those Survivor personal breakdowns, pretty early on for that.  She seems like a very fragile personality.  I have read elsewhere that she finalized a divorce right before leaving for the islands though so her emotional state wasn't going to be too good anyway.  I felt for her.

Jonathan Penner found the immunity idol. If he had any sense (and nobody ever does) he would just hang onto it and tell noone he has it.  You can see him dancing off into the shrubbery though so you know he is going to blab his good fortune.  Goof.

Another puzzle challenge for immunity.  Not a fan of those because it is such a particular skill.  Just do some physical no brain stuff for awhile, please.

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  1. I think that Russell may have hurt his reputation in the tribe when yelling at them after the competition. That being said, I think that he was completely right to do so since he had to bear the physical side of the challenges that the tribe lost. I was talking to a coworker at DISH, and he was glad that they voted Roxy off. I think that I was a bad move, and now the couple of air heads are running the already weak Matsing. I missed the show last night, but I was able to catch it thanks to a recording that my Hopper automatically made for Primetime Anytime. I love how I don’t have to set a thousand timers or worry about space on my hard drive and I can keep up with all of my favorite shows. I hope that we see a Matsing win next week or Russell will probably be the one going.