Friday, September 28, 2012


I'm not a die hard Sherlock fan, thinking CANON constantly.  Good thing.  I enjoy the utter cleverness of the Sherlock Holmes classic character and his ability to make incredible deductions from keen observations.  If only I could do that.  The things I observe never turn out to be quite so useful.

Holmes and Watson have been updated to present day New York City.  As you can see in the picture, Sherlock is a bit of a squirrel, not dignified at all.  He is presented as a druggie tattooed but still brilliant Sherlockian "consultant" for the New York Police who seem to take him in stride and value him.

Watson is a beautiful, compassionate former surgeon who agrees to babysit Holmes and keep him off drugs and out of trouble on behalf of Holmes' wealthy and unseen father.   Love Watson.  Lucy Liu is just wonderful.  Lots of depth, not a chattering chipmunk like Holmes.

Animal comparisons aside, I liked the mystery plot, I think and hope Watson can temper Holmes and his madness.

No, I have not watched the PBS series yet.  Have season one.  We shall see.

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