Monday, September 24, 2012

Revolution: Chained Heat

Miles and Charlie split off from Maggie and Aaron in tonight's episode. 

Charlie follows a reluctant Miles to find an old friend who can help them get Danny.  The friend is on a chain gang hauling a helicopter through the woods.  Apparently Monroe is confident the power will be restored and he plans to have tools such as this at his disposal.

Nora is a total badass woman who didn't need rescuing, so she says.  Pretty tough, I must say. 

Charlie follows Nora's lead and her moms toughie lead (shown in flashbacks), playing innocent and getting close enough to the chain gang warden to shoot him with a jury-rigged pistol.  She shoots another man with a Big Gun liberated from the bad guys.  She seems confident in taking these actions, justifying the killings with the observation that the men are holding 30 innocent people as prisoners.

She had stopped Miles from killing a bounty hunter earlier, so she has scruples of some sort that say when to kill and when to be merciful.

A flashback scene has her family accosted by a man who threatens Charlie then walks away with all their food in a wagon.  Charlie's father is unable to shoot to stop the man but Charlie's mom takes him down.

Charlie was followed in tonight's episode by "Nate" that Taylor Lautner wannabe who is really a member of the militia trying to get to Miles.  Small hint again that he saved her because he has been smitten by her edgy good looks.

Daniel gets to see more of Neville's hard justice.  Gunshots are heard as their wagon goes along.  The militia confront a man with a deer hanging from his clothesline (boy that was quick).  Because it is a crime for anyone but Monroe's militia to have firearms, Neville tries the smooth talk first to get the guy to admit he has firearms, then switches to ruthless mode when the guy tosses out his rifle but balks at letting the militia into his home.  The man is shot and his home is ordered to be burned after he also is revealed to have a United States flag in his home.  Very heavy handed sequence, I thought.  See what gun control could be, it says.  Two points to Daniel for telling Neville he is just a psychopathic murderer.

Grace, who is typing away madly on her Commodore 64 hears a knock at the door.  Bad news as we just see a pair of boots, Grace locking the door and running back upstairs to boot the computer up quick and type in Randall is here.  We fade out on the faceless man with a glowing cattle prod (I think) standing in front of her.

Aaron and Maggie were on their way to Grace's place.  Although I only heard Ben tell Aaron to keep the amulet safe before he died, Aaron says he was told to take it to Grace and the location where she could be found.

If we're lucky, Maggie and Aaron will arrive on Randall's heels and Maggie will take that prod away from him, or show him its pointy end at the least just in the nick.

Last strong woman of the night is Charlie's mom, sitting at a writing table  when slimy ol' Monroe pops in.  He tells her Ben is dead then demands to know everything she knows about Ben and his work, whilst wringing her neck, never the best posture for spilling the beans.

I thought the show was a bit edgier, more swearing and shooting (by a teen) thus earning the show the late timeslot.   All of the strong women are appealing.  Miles gained points for telling Charlie to shut up and that she was a pain.  Amen.

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