Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Enterprise takes off

Our library gets a new catalog interface today called Enterprise.  It is being released to us and our unsuspecting public about a month early.  I like everything I've seen about it so far.  It is a huge relief to be offering the public a single interface rather than trying to explain both Aquabrowser and eLibrary to them.

Someday, some brilliant sort will make it possible for staff and public to use the same interface so we are all on the actual same page and talking the same talk.

Edit 9/12/12   Yay!  Day one was a GREAT launch.  People just went in and used the catalog without a word and NO CURSING (there were tons of curses the last time we debuted a new catalog).  Not a soul asked for help using it all day.   Lots of other questions but the catalog is sooo easy to use and sooo intuitive so far that voila!

Edit 9/13/12   Aha, people in the building only have the option to use the new Enterprise interface, but if you have AquaBrowser and eLibrary bookmarked at home you can continue to use those till November 1.  This might explain why we haven't had more feedback...though some oddity with Aquabrowser may force those folks over to the new interface.  Ongoing tale city.

edit 9/14/12    I had only two catalog related questions/comments yesterday.   One was a nice email saying how nice and easy to use the system is (yay) and the other was a classic "I'm looking for this topic and I don't quite know how to look for it in your new catalog" question.  

Not from the public but from a staffer was one of the practice questions we were given (which I did not work through but perhaps I should...but I don't have patience for fake questions!  Give me the real thing baby!) that turned out be just be a garbled title from the customer (fake, one might say SOCKPUPPET CUSTOMER oh noooo).

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