Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday Night At The Movies: Super 8

I finally had the chance to watch Super 8.  Set in 1979 with good old rock playing throughout, it follows a group of kids who are the film crew and stars of 8mm films produced by a wildly creative teen named Charles Kaznyk.

Charles has been working with his pals on a zombie movie which he plans to enter into a film competition.  He decides the film needs a bit of heart so he asks lovely Alice Dainard to play the wife of his film's detective.

Sneaking out at midnight to get just the right mood, they film in the light of an oncoming train.  As they work only Joe Lamb notices a truck racing to intercept and crash head on into the train.  Suddenly the train crashes and explodes, sending everyone running.  They barely recover from their shock when they are forced to flee by the arrival of a swarm of Air Force troups.

The train, as it turns out, is a military train and it was carrying odd radioactive cubes and something else, something that soon begins to turn the town into a wreckage of metal and wiring.

I love a good escaped alien film.  The kids were so smart and yet they did incredibly dangerous things to further the zombie film and then to find one of their own who has gone missing.

The romance that happens between Joe and Alice, two kids with a shared heartbreak, is sweet.  The suspense that builds as the escaped creature becomes more desperate and destructive is excellent. 

The generosity of Joe and eventually his hard, careworn, policeman father makes it possible for everyone to escape the burdens they have been carrying for too long.   I like a good happy ending.

The full cut of Charles' zombie extravaganza plays at the end of the film during the credits.

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