Monday, September 10, 2012

iPad Games Poorly Ported: Puppet Theater and 7th Guest

I have had high hopes for games recently purchased for my iPad.  So far, two that I was really enjoying,  I find myself just stuck and it appears that the companies that have produced the games as ports from other platforms are unconcerned with the iPad as a gaming platform and they just ignore any problems.

What a shame.  The first is Puppet Theater from Big Fish Games.  Good plot!  Small town with a much admired puppet master loses the theater and puppet master in a tragic fire.  Only a small boy escaped, and years later there seems to be something going on in the theater and children are disappearing. 

You'll need to enter the theater and explore the town to solve the mystery.

There are traditional adventure game puzzles and in each area find the hidden object puzzles.  Unfortunately, some mini-games and hidden object puzzle pieces are not functional on the iPad so you get to a certain point ( in the theater with the oil lamp for me) and you're done.  You can't bypass this bit and you can't move on.

Game over.

7th Guest

I still have my pc game of this.  It was one of the first puzzle adventure games I ever played and the whole family got involved solving the puzzles and advancing through the house.  If I recall, there are three possible choices at the end you can make, and at the time I chose the "wrong" one.  I was looking forward to replaying this clever, spooky game and making the "right" choice at the end.

The problem here is I played till about midnight the first time I played this version and I got quite far (I think) but I cannot access my saved game.  The game will grudgingly load briefly then it backs right out to the loading screen.

Another game where people had the same problem and the game company people just did not respond on their forums.

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