Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Further Adventures of Librarian-in-a-box in Second Life

I had a nice e-mail this afternoon from a librarian at Info Island kindly offering to befriend me in Second Life. She also offered to transport me to Info Island. Isn't that so sweet? I worked late but logged in when I got home to find alas she wasn't there. I did accept her invitation and managed to send her a message which I take it she will get next time she logs in.

I thought I would continue the tutorial and did some of the communication lessons. I think I will be able to talk to someone, we shall see.

Following a winding path, I was supposed to find a volcano goddess. Instead, I stepped off the path and was flying! No idea how, but I zoomed around the area a bit, dodging signs.

I hoped to exit the tutorial area,and I did see an exit sign (but no exit). Soon I was getting invitational messages from strangers to accept the markers they were sending which apparently could teleport me to their "welcome areas". There must be something irresistible about a flying box or maybe I should put that torch away... If I'm flying though, it looks like a little rocket pack. Zoom zoom!

What a friendly place Second Life is so far.

More when I reach The Island. D.O.A. over and out.

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