Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shiver Me Timbers, Thing 15: Online Games

Thing 15 is one of the fun things, online games being the topic. My gaming roots go back to playing card games such as War and Old Maid and Crazy Eights with my brothers beginning when I was three or so. I could have played these for hours and hours, but my older brothers didn't have the enthusiasm I did, so after a few rounds they would ask if I wanted to play "52 pick up". I want you to know I was only fooled once, but they would say this once they were bored pretty much every time. Or if I wanted to play and they didn't. Sad childhood tale! Now you know how I turned out the way I did. Tsk.

I've played a very few online games like Puzzle Pirates. It seems mostly to be the falling block sort of thing. I chose the "Start an adventure" mode and created a cute pirate. I also chose "Boxing", thinking I could point and click my way through a virtual boxing match. So, immediately a bad guy pirate comes along and stop the presses! He wants to box! But instead of honorable fisticuffs, a screen comes up and I'm supposed to surprise surprise surprise launch colored balls at more colored balls before they all drop. I won my match handily but, with no sense of accomplishment or adventure. More later as I try different modes. Blimey.

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