Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thing 16: Student 2.0 Tools

Both the U of M Assignment Calculator and the Research Project Calculator are surprisingly useful for procrastinator/Last Minute Louie types like myself. Anything that is a few months away might as well be a decade away in my dreamy little skull.

The U of M Calculator is probably most useful for college students, and specifically U of M students because each step directs you to their own resources and libraries quite a bit. It is certainly possible to extrapolate your own local resources from the type of things they list, but, better yet, use the Research Project Calculator which is listed as being geared to secondary school students. In truth I think it would be useful for any level of student or parent/child combination to help keep on track, for any type of project. There are fewer steps to the process but they are all practical and nice for the chaotic types amongst us.

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