Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thing 17 ELM Productivity, perhaps

This has to be the most confusing Thing yet.

EBSCO Alerts

I *think* I am now signed up for EBSCO alerts on Lilacs, should articles appear. I wanted to have Minnesota authors, but the vagaries of how subjects are assigned within EBSCO made that not so doable.

I read the 23 Things instructions on signing up for these feeds. I created my EBSCO account. I did not see anything relating to proxy servers in the feed link that I created within EBSCO, but when I tried to add a subscription with Google Reader, I got errors.

Always a fiend for a workaround solution, I went back to EBSCO and asked for e-mail alerts rather than the RSS alert. We shall see.

I think this would be great if you were doing ongoing research and wanted to know if new information was available on your topic. The whole RSS/EBSCO compatibility thingie needs simplifying/tweaking, however.

Page Composer

While the Page Composer tools are easy enough to use, I cannot see what the particular use would be for this tool. Also, I used the tool to add a link, a title and a background, and the link did not appear at all on the page.

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