Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One Life Might Be Plenty: Thing 15, Second Life

I've been looking forward to trying Second Life ever since I read an article in some journal last winter (sorry can't recall which) about the INFO Island Library. Finally here I am, at Thing 15 and I'm IN!

I was able to choose anything at all as my first name but for some reason I had to choose a last name from a dropdown menu. That is how I came to be known as "LibrarianDOA Hellershanks".

The initial screen for Second Life shows a bunch of twenty-something? people lounging around looking ready to engage in something un-librarian-like, to say the least. So as not to be mistaken for one of these rough and ready types, I cleverly chose an avatar that looks like it is made of a set of cardboard boxes. With little antennae. Nonetheless a shirtless young man was soon attempting to make conversation with my boxiness. I think the Torch sticking out of my back appealed to him in some way.

There are a set of tasks in the tutorial area that included taking a Torch from my inventory. I did so, so I thought. And placed it in my right hand. But as you can see in the accompanying photo of our intrepid little Librarian-in-a-Box, it is sticking embarrassingly out of my back. Note also that although I purchased three chain mail shirts while fumbling with the local shirt seller and I equipped one, I am not seeing any chain mail shirt adorning my character. Another box-headed individual near this vendor had a chainmail shirt and nifty black pants on so we know the Box People can indeed wear clothing.

My initial impressions are:

The world looks less pixilated than pictures I've seen.

Interface is pretty confusing but I'll keep working with it.

Movement is awkward.

I need the tutorial badly so I'll continue through, though I'd love to just head to INFO Island, that librarian mecca. Since I goofed on the Map part of the tutorial, I may never it make though! Here's hoping!

See you on the other side,

LibrarianDOA Hellershanks

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