Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More on Thing 18 You-tubiness

I managed to insert a video clip of William Kent Krueger being interviewed in my last post. I didn't want to mess anything up since it worked, so here are further Tube ruminations:

I did a search for libraries and found lots of fun Second Life videos. I really liked the one where the old bag librarian and her friend turn into a koala bear and a cat. I say old bag because they had a little scrolling bit of text showing the librarian with her prim hairdo and suit before she turned into Hello Kitty. I have a way with words, what can I say?

If libraries can find inexpensive ways to do short promotional bits and put them on YouTube, that would be great. The interviews the Phoenix area bookstore owner did with mystery authors show what can be done, it looks simple in any case.

It would be fun if librarians did short interviews with each other or visiting performers and had them on YouTube then linked them on their web pages.

Short book recommendations with some flair would be fun.

Lastly on this, I'll try to capture D.O.A. Dog on camera and load it to YouTube so he can be justifiably famous.

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